Thrifty Thursday Numero Cinco

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I remember the first time I scrolled through the posts in the Facebook couponing group I had just become a part of, it was like I was trying to comprehend a completely different language. Catalina, OOP, MFR, RR, SS, peelie - it just went on and on... and on! What in the heck were these crazy ladies talking about and why does it all look like one giant calculus problem!? 

Well I have since learned how to decode couponer speak and today I am going to share my knowledge of it with you!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

BOGO or B1G1 - Buy one, get one. It usually ends with free or half off, make sure you read the ad/sign carefully to figure out which one. 

Catalina or CAT - These are the coupons that print out at the register after you check out and can be used towards future purchases. 

Extrabucks or ECB - CVS rewards program. These print out at the register and are similar to catalina coupons. 

EXP - Expiration date

MIR - Mail in rebate

MM - Money maker. 

OOP - Out of pocket. This refers to the amount you will pay after coupons at the store.

OYNO - On your next order. 

Peelie - The coupons you find at the store that are attached to a product. Make sure you read the fine print because generally the peelie can be used towards other products as well.

P&G - Proctor and Gamble. They generally have a coupon insert in the first Sunday's newspaper of the month.

Q's - Coupons

RR- Register Rewards. Walgreen's rewards program and their version of a catalina coupon. 

RP - Red Plum. One of the Sunday paper coupon inserts.

SS - Smart Saver. Another Sunday paper coupon insert.

WAGS - Walgreens

WYB - When you buy

$1/1, $2/1, $.50/1, etc - One dollar off one, two dollars of one, fifty cents off one, etc...

$1/2, $2/2, $.50/2, etc - One dollar off two, two dollars off two, fifty cents off two, etc...

Happy couponing!

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  1. Wow. I might actually be able to read some couponing post now that I know what they are saying! I would have never guessed Q's stands for coupons!

    Love Always,