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thrifty thursdays couponing
It's Thursday friends so you know what that means, it's Thrifty Thursdays time!

This week's exciting topic is about the most stressful part of couponing, checking out. A lot of people think this part should be the easiest - you've found all the deals, done all the math, matched up all the coupons and now it is the cashier's time to do all the work - but in reality it is where all the magic happens, and therefore the biggest mistakes as well. However I have some tips for you so that you can (hopefully) avoid going crazy at the register.

{ONE} Get Organized
Before you even think of leaving the house have your game plan written out. Make a list of the items you want, the price, the quantity and the corresponding coupon or deal. Then collect all corresponding coupons and keep them together with your list, this way everything you need is all in one place.

Here is an example of what my list may look like for a Target run...

Ponds Towelettes, 30ct, $3.79 each (x3 packs)
- buy 3 recieve $5 gift card
- use 3 $0.50/1 Ponds manufacturer coupon
- use 3 $1/1 Ponds target store coupon
- 10% off Ponds products Cartwheel
TOTAL = $0.24 each or $0.73 for three

Pampers Box Diapers, $24.99 (x2 boxes)
- $10 off purchase of $40 or more mobile coupon
- use 2 $1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers coupons.com manufacturer coupon
TOTAL= $18.49 each or $36.98 for two boxes

{TWO} Choose A Good Time to Shop
I've said this before and I will say it again, try to go shopping as early as possible! Not only will the shelves be fully stocked, but you also will not have to fight crowds and long lines at the register. If you really and truly cannot pull yourself out of bed to do some morning shopping then late at night is your next best option.

{THREE} Be Nice To Your Cashier
... even if they aren't being very nice to you. Put yourself in their shoes, how happy would you be to help out the crazy lady who just gave you a stack of coupons as thick as a dictionary at 6 am if she is being a royal *&^%$ to you because two of her fifty cent coupons won't scan. A lot of times if you are nice to them they will do you favors when things go wrong, which will save you both some stress. 

Also on a side note, do not be afraid to profile your cashier. Skip the old grannies who over analyze every coupon and go for the young teenage males who just want to get you through their line as quickly as possible. Once you become a regular shopper at a store you will get to know which cashiers let the little things slide.

{FOUR} Watch That Cashier Ring Up Your Products and Coupons Like a HAWK
Most of the cashiers don't know and don't care what your actual savings should be. So therefore it falls on you to make sure items ring up the correct price and that coupons ring up right and/or double. Just about every time I go shopping I catch a mistake, so keep an eye out. 

{FIVE} Carry A Copy of the Store's Coupon Policy With You
I can't even tell you the number of times a cashier has tried to tell me I can't use a certain coupon, only to pull out the store's coupon policy and show them that I actually can. It saves the hassle of the cashier having to call over a manager because you two don't agree.

{SIX} Don't Be Afraid to Have A Manager Called
If all else fails don't be afraid to be that person, especially if it means a significant savings. 

Happy couponing!

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  1. wow i need the ponds towelettes. are they the make up removers?

    1. Sorry girl that was just an example, although they do have a pretty decent deal on simple face wipes. If you check out krazy coupon lady it will give you the break down.

  2. Dang girl. The only thing that I need is the patience to coupon and find deals. I get too fed up with it all haha.

    Just A Girl

    1. Oh yeah I am not going to lie it takes time and patience. However I do use couponing websites often like krazy coupon lady that help me save some time.