Trying to Eat Healthy in Pregnancy

healthy eating in pregnancy

I've always been a pretty healthy eater... ok well not always but for the majority of my adult life I have been. In college I was tempted to change my eating habits due to convince, I was tempted when I married Joe and his bad eating habits were alluring to me and I was tempted when we lived in Enid America where they have never heard of a vegetable that wasn't fried. However I made it through all of those temptations successfully and managed to continue my healthy ways.

Then I got pregnant.

Holy crud Batman. I never, ever would have thought such a tiny human being who can't even blink yet could be my downfall. If anything I always thought I would start eating better once I got pregnant to make sure I nourished the little goober the best I could, and during my first trimester I really did. Sure it helped that I didn't want anything to do with sugary things and that I had to struggle some days to even eat, but I was still pretty darn proud of myself.

Then came the second trimester.

And with the second trimester came the sugar cravings. Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers, ice cream, frozen yogurt, coffee cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch - I can't get enough of the sweet stuff. There was one day not too long ago that I'm pretty sure the only food I ate had sugar as the first, second and third ingredients. I look back on that day in shame and I am pretty sure baby had a sugar buzz going the entire time. It was actually right after that day I decided that I really needed to whip my eating habits back into shape both for me and the tiny food stealing gremlin in my tummy.

My goal is to have at least one serving of fruit and veggies at every meal, choose healthy snacks instead of my now typical junky ones and of course to cut back on my freaking sugar intake to one or two small sweet treats a day. (Because every pregnant woman deserves a little leeway) So far these past couple of days it has been going well and I am noticing quite the energy surge, but it is still a struggle not to run up to my neighborhood 7-Eleven and buy all the goodies my body craves and that I got so used to munching on. (I mean those ladies who work there know me by name now)

For now I will continue to sip on my smoothies, eat my almonds and hope that this baby knows that mommy loves him or her and is trying her hardest to eat the healthy stuff... even though I am pretending the almond I am currently eating is a pretzel M&M.


  1. haha that's weird. I think everyone has different cravings. My friend who's now 21 week finally has a bump. she only gained 10 lbs.. which is the lowest weight possible. Last time we went out to eat she was the only one not eating. Pregnancy problem or image issue problem? :/

    1. Oh geez! I would say that there is a difference between eating healthy and starving yourself, it's not the same thing although some people think it is. Your body needs calories to survive. I will say though, and this is coming from someone who has never had body image issues, when you see the numbers on the scale rising every week it is a bit of a shocker. i just have to keep telling myself that it is a good thing for both me and baby.

  2. Oh girl I feel your pain! First tri I wanted nothing to do with sweets and all that changed in the second and third trimesters. That smoothie looks amazing though! I wish natural sugars could cure my cravings but nope

  3. Ya I'm pretty sure that while I was pregnant, I ate complete crap ALL. THE. TIME. But luckily, most of that extra baby fat went away pretty quickly!

  4. Mmmm that smoothie looks yummy...but I agree French Toast Crunch is more up my ally too!!
    Hope the healthy eating continues to go good for you!! :)